Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Topeka Grocery Deals through September 18

Last week's Dillon's shopping trip

I didn't blog about my purchases last week because I didn't feel I did very well. Dillon's was having another of their "Buy 10, Save $5" events and I had decided I wanted to combine those items with a Kraft Foods promotion.  Through September 15th, a coupon will print at check-out at Dillon's if you purchase  a certain number of participating Kraft products.  Buy 3-5 products, get $2 off future shopping order, buy 6-9 products, get $5 off, buy 10 or more and get $10 off future shopping trip. This same event continues this week.

The trick is not all Kraft products are included. For example, Kraft cream cheese is not included. I decided to buy 10 packages of cheese. The expiration date is not until the end of December and I knew I would not have any problems using that much cheese before the end of the year. The cheese was part of the buy 10, get $5 off promotion so after the store discount it was $2.49 a package.  Minus the $10 off future order that printed at check-out, it made the final cost of the cheese $1.49 a package. I thought this was a decent deal until this morning. 

Today's Hy-Vee ad indicates they are having a sale of Hy-Vee cheese for $1.18 a package.  I believe some of these packages are only 6 ounces as opposed to 8 ounces.  Still, I was irritated. I felt like I had overpaid for a staple. You may want to stock up on cheese this week because you rarely see cheese this inexpensive.

I also ended up purchasing 10 other items included in the promotion: Puffs, Pringles, Pace and Parmesan plus a couple of items I needed but that would have been cheaper elsewhere. Altogether, I spent $39.13 pre-tax minus coupons and store savings and received a coupon for $10 off future order, making this trip $29.13. In other words, about $1 an item.

Dillon's always includes a store savings percentage on the receipt and mine was 37%. Honestly, this is about average for me. When I shop at Dillon's, their calculation usually indicates savings in the 30-50% range.

Stockpile for winter

Everyone on the Internet advises different ways to save...use coupons, don't use coupons; stockpile, don't stockpile; shop multiple store, shop only at Wal-Mart.  I am still seeking the answer to the best way to save. I feel I leave money on the table every week but am still probably doing better than most.

I don't have entire rooms devoted to food storage but I do have one closet in my garage I have devoted to items I have purchased very cheaply and which store well.  Since my husband is an electrician and work often slows down in the winter, I try to have some staples on hand to help lighten our grocery bill during the winter months. 

There are several good sales this week.  Some good items to stock-up on this week, are as follows:


Hy-Vee Cheese-$1.18
Hy-Vee canned vegetables-$ .39
Hy-Vee butter-$1.88
Hy-Vee large eggs-$1.18
Hy-Vee popcorn-$1.18
Country Fare sugar 4 lbs-$1.88

Apple Market

Farmland Sausage-$ .98 (very good deal)
Best Choice eggs, medium-$ .98
Chicken breast-$1.88 pound
Pork chops-$2.98 pound
Rump roast-$2.88 pound


Kroger chicken breast-$1.89 pound

These are some of the items I noticed but will likely blog more later in the week. What deals are you finding? Please post any comments about sales or deals you have noticed in the Topeka area.  I am sure I missing many. I would like this to be an interactive blog will all of us helping each other!

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