Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Make a Cute Inexpensive Headboard

I had been wanting a headboard for my guest bedroom for a long time. I had envisioned one of those leather looking headboards but they were quite expensive. I even considered buying plywood, batting and leather looking vinyl to make my own headboard. Even that would have cost more than I wanted to spend.
My Guest Bedroom
So I finally decided to re-purpose a picture I bought from my sister's garage sale. These type of pictures are easy to find and much less expensive than an actual headboard. I simply hung the picture low on the wall where the headboard would normally go. Ta da! Instant beautiful, bright headboard without the work or expense of making one. You see these type of pictures at garage sales, Craigslist and thrift stores quite frequently.

Repurposed Picture

This idea may be to unconventional for some but I really enjoy it. First, it always reminds me of my sister. When she had this picture it hung over a bright red couch in her soft yellow living room next to a wall of large windows with plants. I loved her living room because it was so vibrant and cheery.

My Headboard

I hate the tern "think outside the box" so let's just say "think outside the headboard". Instead of a headboard why not hang a picture? If not a large picture, maybe even a series of three or four smaller pictures. I even considered painting a "headboard" picture on the wall. What neat headboard ideas have you come up with? Please share!

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