Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Market Deal through September 4

I had four 50 cent off coupons for Dawn detergent which expired on September 31.  Apple Market had small bottles for $1.35 each so after the coupon doubled, I paid 35 cents a bottle. I was feeling pretty good about life. I had just saved four dollars. 

When I went to pay, the cashier told me, "Yeah, these were on sale last week for 99 cents and they really flew off the shelf. We had to limit them to 4 per customer".  So, I could have got them for free instead of $1.40. We all mess up sometimes. I chose to focus on the $4 savings instead of the $1.40 more I could have saved. Remember, even when you miss a deal, you are still doing better than most.

I went to Apple Market because they had ten pounds of potatoes for $1.98.  I bought two packages (I know twenty pounds of potatoes sounds like a lot for two people.  Don't judge.) I also bought a package of Ritz crackers on sale for $1.98....I predict some creamy, chunky potato soup in my future!

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