Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Organize Costume Jewelry Necklaces

Former desk area converted into make-up area
When our three kids were in high school, it became imperative that they all have their own bedrooms.  We lived in a three bedroom house. We ended up converting our family room into a master suite and have never reclaimed the former master bedroom. It is now a guest bedroom.

I converted this former desk area into my make-up table. I purchased a cheap (around $10) curtain rod and hung it on the wall.  I hang all my costume necklaces and bracelets on the curtain rod. 

Bracelets on end

Gone are the days of untangling necklaces. There is nothing worse than starting your day by attempting to take a the knot out of a fine chain. Well OK, I have had a lot of days that started worse than that but I think you get my drift.

Choose a curtain rod that "sits" in the bracket and lifts up easily to make it simple to remove bracelets on the end. Necklaces can go anywhere since they typically clasp or unclasp.

I love being a girl

I sort my necklaces by color and style to make it easiest to find matching accessories. 

One time when I was still working, a former supervisor had everyone write down something nice about everyone else in the department on index cards and give it to each co-worker. It was kinda like being in high school and having to write in people's yearbooks.  There were a lot of comments like, "I really enjoy working with you. You are so sweet!" 

Well, nobody actually said I was sweet but I think you get the general idea of the exercise--force yourself to say something nice. There were a lot of nice comments and it was a good little team building exercise. The comments were suppossed to be anonymous but after working with 23 people for some time, you know each other's handwriting plus most people signed their cards. I got 22 index cards with very flattering comments and one that said, "Your clothes always match."

Can you imagine not liking someone and having to work to write down something positive about that person?  I guess the best this lady could come up with that I do have the ability to match my tops to my bottoms. And looking around Wal-Mart each time I venture out, I have come to realize this is a skill.

It's always a little disconcerting to find out someone doesn't care for you, especially if you do not have strong feelings one way or the other about them. She was one of those people who when you passed them in the hall loudly commanded, "Smile!" as she marched by without stopping.

I'm one of those people who when lost in thought or in a hurry, may not even be beware I have just passed you. Once awoken by someone's bright and cheery and irritating demand to act a certain way, I have to quelch the impulse to respond, "I will when you leave". Sometimes, I am not nice on the inside but try not to let it show on the outside. I am successful about 77% of the time.

Funny thing is, it was the only index card I kept.
Easy Peasy

Practical and pretty. This is one of the most commented on items when people visit my home and it was cheap. Simplify your life by making it easy to find things. What cool things have you done to organize your life? What are your cute inexpensive decorating ideas? Please share!

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