Saturday, September 29, 2012

HyVee Deals Through October 2

There are lots of good HyVee deals this week. Including:

HyVee eggs for 99 cents each
Roberts Orange Juice for 99 cents each
Roberts chocolate milk for $2 each (minus 50 cent coupon doubled)
Dawn detergent for $1.39 each (minus 50 cent coupons doubled)
HyVee cat litter (not pictured, 25 pounds) $4.18
HyVee sugar for $1.88
Ocean Spray Juice $1.88
Wonder bread for 99 cents
Campbell's soup 4 for $3.00 (store coupon for buy four, get one free stacked with manufacturer 40 cent coupon which doubled--final cost 44 cents a can)
Crest for 99 cents (minus 50 cent coupon which doubled - final cost free)
Johnsville Sausage for $1.98 (minus manufacturer coupons doubled)
Bananas for 29 cents a pound ($1.51 for all the bananas pictured)
Cilantro for 69 cents a bunch

$22.32 before tax
Some of these items were only on sale Thursday and Friday (bread, juice and eggs). Also, there are limits on some items though it is unclear whether it is per transaction or customer. The advertisements do not state limits but there are signs in the store by some items stating a limit of 2. To be fair, if there are limits I believe they should state this in the printed advertisement.

In my mind, the best deals were the sausage, soup and bananas. This trip I saved $8.78 in store and manufacturer coupons. By and far, the bigger savings was on the sale items.

A friend recently told me about HyVee's facebook deal of the day. I now check the deal of the day before every visit to HyVee. Some of the deals have been quite good though I must admit it is sometimes very hard to find the deal of the day on their webpage which is somewhat crowded and unorganized. I looked for today's deal of the day and couldn't find it.

Here is a link to HyVee's Topeka Facebook Page:

I believe you then have to tell the cashier you want the deal of the day price. Maddening! I'm sure the point is to get you in the store more often and buy a lot of impulse items while there.

"I'll just run in  HyVee for some .88 half gallon milk", you think.

If the store is smart, they will have strategically placed some oreos or Graham crackers near the milk. You get a couple of .88 cent gallons of milk, some oreos and oh yeah you need dryer sheets and pimple cream. You know dryer sheets and pimple cream are less expensive somewhere else but hey, you're here and who wants to be linty or zitty? And while in line you start reading how you can lose 8 pounds in 10 days which you would really like to do so you throw in the magazine. Don't be surprised if your .88 half gallon of milk ends up costing you $20. Take advantage of deals but don't fall for traps. I'm sure the last thought of many a mouse has been, "Wow! What a great deal on chee....".

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  1. I believe the deal of the day is only a M-F feature - I've never seen it on the weekends.