Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dollar Tree Deals

My eldest daughter, Andrea, has decided to become a "minimalist".  She has been going through every closet, drawer, nook and cranny and getting rid of everything she doesn't need or hasn't used in over in a year. 
I am slightly afraid I might be a "maximist", which makes me sound like a Russian who is overly concerned with feminine hygiene but in reality just means I never thrown anything away. 
I like to hold on to things because you never know when you might need them again. I guess that's why I still own my size 6 wedding dress from 1982.  
Apparently, even becoming a minimalist requires buying things. So last week, I tagged along on a trip to the Dollar Tree store located at 29th and Adams with Andrea so she could buy bins to organize the few remaining items which have made the cut.
I did a little comparison shopping between Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree while in the store. I needed steak seasoning and sprinkles. 
McCormick Steak Seasoning at Wal-Mart
14.5 ounces for $5.98 or 41 cents an ounce

Let's do a little more comparison shopping...

Weber Steak Seasoning sold at Wal-Mart
$2.58 for 6 ounces or 43 cents an ounce
Just a side note, this is one of the things Wal-Mart does to make it difficult to compare products.  Please note the store tag says this product is sold for $6.88 a POUND.  Of course, it's being sold in 6 ounce containers. In order to compare the price, you must take $6.88 and divide it by 16--the number of ounces in a pound.

Great Value Sprinkles for $1.68
 1.3 ounces at $1.29 an ounce
So how does Wal-Mart compare to Dollar Tree when it comes to Steak Seasoning and Sprinkles, two of life's necessities? 

Dollar Tree Steak Seasoning and Sprinkles

Dollar Tree was much cheaper than Wal-Mart. The Blazin Blends Steak Seasoning was, you guessed it, $1.00, or 14 cents an ounce.  The Dollar Tree Supreme Edition Rainbow Sprinkles was also, you guessed right again, $1.00, or 28 cents an ounce.
To sum up, steak seasoning is 27 cents an ounce cheaper at Dollar Tree and Sprinkles are $1.01 an ounce cheaper. I could not detect any difference in flavor in either brand. It's salt and pepper and a few miscellaneous seasonings people! It's dyed sugar, for goodness sake! What did you expect?   

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