Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beware Bulk Purchases

Buying in bulk is always cheapest, right? Wrong! Always do the math to compare which price is actually cheapest before purchasing a product.  Here is an example taken from Wal-Mart but you find the same thing in all stores.

4 Pounds for $3.98
Four pounds at $3.98 makes these onions about a $1 a pound.

3 pounds for $2.68
Three pounds at $2.68 makes these onions about 89 cents a pound.

78 cents a pound

These unbagged onions are 78 cents a pound.  Boy, that plastic netting they use must be really expensive!

When you are in a hurry, it's easiest to just grab a bag of the onions in the netted bags instead of taking the two minutes to find one of those tear off plastic bags and pick out a few onions.  Picking out and bagging your own 3 pounds of onions in this example would save you between 33-66 cents, depending on which bag of onions you chose. If you buy three pounds of onions every month, you would save somewhere around $4-$8 a year---just by picking and bagging your own onions.

Just a note about onions, yellow onions such as the ones pictured above are a good all purpose cooking onion. Vidalia onions, which are flatter and usually bigger, are sweeter but don't store as well. White onions are also sweeter, as are red onions, meaning they can usually be eaten raw.

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