Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Save Money with your Keurig by Using Refillable K-Cups

I finally broke down and bought a Keurig coffee machine. I had wanted one for a long time but could not bear to part with the $120 dollars the machine cost plus spend 50 cents a cup for every cup of coffee thereafter. 

Every time I pour a cup of coffee, I am looking over my shoulder fearing an intervention and forced rehab stay. Addiction of any kind is expensive. At 50 cents a cup, I would literally be spending $75 a month on coffee.  Then, I saw these reusable K-cups.

I actually bought the reusable K-cups first (not cheap at $10 for 4 at HyVee). I tried them in my Mom's Keurig before buying a machine to make sure they worked. They did and I began my search for the best deal for a Keurig. I found it at a garage sale. A brand new Keurig, new in the box, never opened. Apparently someone didn't like their Christmas present. 

I've been using these refillable cups for about a month and they seem to work fine. I have found the cheapest place to purchase them in Topeka is of all places, JoAnn Fabrics. They sell for about 11-12 bucks but JoAnn's frequently has 50% off one item coupons. Go the website, print out the coupon (or download to your phone) and use to purchase reusable K-cups. Have you found a better deal on reusable filters? Do share.

My daughter told me she often uses those 15% or 20% off coupons from Kohl's or Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase K-cups. If they are on sale plus with an additional discount, they are more affordable. 

I do wish the refillable filters came in more colors than just black and red. It would be great to have several different flavors in different colored reusable filters. I am considering marking some with nail polish to distinguish different flavors. Unless you have a better idea?

I have also seen people on YouTube reusing regular K-cups by simply removing the foil after use, refilling the cup and covering it tightly with Saran Wrap using a rubber band. I have not tried this extreme method. 

There is also a product sold called K-caps which are caps which snap onto to old K-cups. I have not tried the K-caps and they are almost as expensive as the refillable K-Cups.

I have found it is very easy to make tea by simply placing any teabag in the reusable filters. And, I have been told you can reuse the regular K-cups twice, the second cup simply being weaker. 

The best thing about the Keurig is that I can now have my weak-sissy coffee and my husband can have his grow-hair-on-your-chest bitter coffee. 

What has been your experience with the Keurig? Any great ideas I am missing? I would love to hear from any of you with great Keurig ideas.

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