Sunday, January 6, 2013

Topeka HyVee Deals through January 8, 2012

HyVee Deals

Lately, HyVee has just been blowing away the competition here in Topeka, Kansas.  This week I spent $47.17 (pre-tax) at HyVee and earned 25 cents off per gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons).  I only get gas about every two weeks. The last time I filled up, I saved 63 cents a gallon (two weeks worth of HyVee points).  

Of course, the trick is to only buy items you really need that earn points.  Don't buy something just because it will save you a small amount of money off gas. (And yes, I really needed Angel Food Cake!)

At Dillon's, you basically earn a dime off per gallon for every $100 you spend.  This week, I earned 25 cents off per gallon by spending less than $20.00. Here's how I did it:

Bag of Onions ($1.89) earned 2 cents off per gallon (can always use onions)
HyVee Pizza ($6.99) earned 10 cents off per gallon (with small salad, entire easy supper)
Angel food cake $3.99) earned 8 cents per gallon (was delicious with fresh blackberries and whipped cream)
Tidy Cat Litter (not pictured, $5.49) earned 5 cents off per gallon (cents off gas made it about same price at the store brand litter)

Total:  25 cents off per gallon on up to 20 gallons or to put it another way: $5.00 off my next fill-up at HyVee or Casey's. 

The only problem HyVee needs to work on fixing is that you must use your large loyalty card when purchasing the gas or else fill up, then take your key tag card into the store and get a refund. The key tag card apparently does not work at the pump. 

Other great sales at HyVee this week include blackberries for $1.00 (they are 89 cents this week at Aldi's), Frozen vegetables for 69 cents a package (I stocked up and bought 6 bags), chicken of the sea tuna for 69 cents a can, Old Orchard Juice for $1.99 (on sale this week at Apple Market for $1.25, though I had coupons for some flavors Apple Market didn't have so bought two more), kiwi fruit-four for $1, HyVee tomato soup for 59 cents a can and canned tomatoes for 50 cents a can (I stocked up and bought 8).

Just a reminder, remember to always check HyVee's Topeka Facebook page before shopping for the deal of the day.  If it's a deal you want to take advantage of, you have to tell the cashier you want the deal of the day price at checkout or it will ring up full price.

I only used one $1 off coupon (for the juice).  Lately, I am saving more by shopping the sales, stocking up and of course, planning my meals around the sale items.  

What deals are you finding?

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