Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Get Inexpensive Juice at Apple Market through January 8

This week I went to Apple Market to buy some chicken breast.  I thought Apple Market had advertised skinless chicken breast for $2.49 a pound but I found these two packages labeled for $1.68 a pound. One package cost $3.11 and the other was $3.48.  

Just an FYI, hamburger seems to always to be cheaper at Apple Market than any other store in Topeka. This package was $2.99 a pound.  Most other Topeka grocery stores are charging $3.99 up.  The meat department at Apple Market is one thing that keeps me coming back.

I had to blog about one really good deal at Apple Market this week.  With coupons, you can get some really cheap juice this week.  How?

First, Old Orchard Juice is on sale for $1.25 a bottle at Apple Market this week which in itself is a great price.  The same juice at HyVee this week is on sale for $1.99.  It's not uncommon  for name brand juice to cost $2.99 on up.

First, you will have to join the Old Orchard Fan Club.  Go to the companys website at You will see the link in the upper right hand corner labeled "Fan Club". Once you have joined (only takes a couple of minutes), go to the link labeled "Promotions" at the top of the page.

Under current promotions are several coupons you can print. I was able to print a coupon for $1 off two bottles of  Healthy Balance Juice and one coupon for buy one, get one free. All together the four bottles of juice pictured above cost a whopping $2.75 or an average of 68 cents a bottle. The coupons were only good for the "Healthy Balance" juice, not the regular juice. Coupon or not, I am thinking of returning and stocking up on some $1.25 a bottle juice. 

There is also a link on the website to enter a giveaway. The company is giving away 2,013 free bottles of juice. These are the kind of contests I frequently win.  I received coupons for several free items last year.

On the website, you can also accumulate reward points to earn free products and swag.  You earn points by playing games, taking surveys and entering codes off specially marked products.  I have already earned enough points to earn a coupon for a free can of frozen concentrate. You can't beat free!

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