Friday, July 6, 2012

Topeka Savings Through July 7th

So I went on some money saving adventures today and thought I would share.  You will have to act quick to catch these savings since they are only good through tomorrow, July 7th....

Apple Market is having a 4-day breakfast sale.  Farmland sausage is on sale for 98 cents a package.  This is an incredible deal!  This sausage normally sells for $1.99-$3.99, depending on the store.  At this price, I stocked up. Farmland bacon is also on sale for $2.98 a package.  The cheese was  $1.48 a package (cheese and sausage on call--I think I hear a lasagna calling my name).  I found a container of Gain fabric softner on the clearance rack for $1.40.  I also got another container of Worchestershire sauce ($1.09 - .40 coupon doubled = .29 cents).  The lard was $1.85 (full price).  Total before tax was $26.24.  My little heart looks at this shopping trip and just shutters. Bacon and Lard!  The lard is for pie crusts.  Oh, we eat healthy around here....

Another thing I like about Apple Market is that they still carry your groceries out to your car for you.  Or maybe they saw what I was buying and assumed I was overdue for a heart attack. 

You will want to stock up on bacon to take advantage of a recipe I will be sharing soon.... 

I also made a quick trip to Target today.  Target has corn-on-the-cob, 10 ears for $2.00.  This is a really good price on corn. Corn-on-the-cob usually runs about 5 or 6 ears for $2. I bought twelve and used it as an excuse to use the FoodSaver machine I got at a garage sale.  I froze four packages.  I want to buy a used freezer if anyone has one to sell.

So what deals are you all finding?

29 cents after double coupon

Time to stock up on sausage

BLT's anyone?
Who doesn't like corn-on-the-cob?
Putting the FoodSaver to Use.  I found the foodsaver at a garage sale for $15.00.
Garage sale finds.  Four shirts, two pairs of shorts and two brand new candles for $3.00.

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