Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Topeka Dillon's Deals July 25-31, 2012

I love Wednesday mornings. Why? Grocery ads, of course. The first thing I do is give each ad a quick glance for any great sales for which I might also have coupons.  Later, I sit down and make out my week's menu and grocery list. 

You may be thinking who has time to match up sale items with coupons? It's probably not who you think.  Studies have shown the heaviest coupon users are caucasian women, under age 54, college-educated, living in a country setting on the fringe of a large city with an annual household income over $70,000.  Amazing! You just can't make this stuff up.

In other words, if June Cleaver was a real person living in Topeka, Kansas today, she would be an extreme couponer.   I highly recommend  This blog describes itself as an upbeat and encouraging site dedicated to assisting you in finding deals. A nice feature of the blog is a tab entitled "store deals" which matches advertised specials with current coupons. I'm sure June would have used it.

So, today the old cat gentlemen demanded I go get cat food. I wasn't really ready to do my weekly shopping but they declared an emergency. Angry, loud, hungry cats can be quite convincing.

Kibo & Howard threaten revolt
I made a dash to Dillon's. Of course, while there I made sure to check out the clearance rack.  I found a bag of gummy bears for 25 cents and a couple of packages of Blistex marked down to 25 cents each. I had a coupon for 25 cents so after doubling, both sticks were free. I also noticed Masterpiece BBQ sauce is on sale for a $1.00 this week, I had three 75 cent coupons which when doubled, made for three free bottles of sauce. I also had three coupons for $1 off Ivory soap which is also on sale for $1 this week. Can't beat free.
I also had a coupon for a package of free Oscar Mayer Bacon. I recommend the website  You must join the site but they often offer great coupons, sometimes even coupons for free sample items. I received this particular coupon in the mail after entering some kind of contest on the site. Yeah, I "won" bacon. I like free things.
I also picked up some of the Oscar Mayer shaved ham and turkey which is on sale this week for $1.99 (if you buy four packages, you receive an immediate $4 discount). I also had a couple of 50 cent coupons for the meat. All together, the items pictured below cost $6.25.
$6.25 for the above pictured items
I am hoping I will not need to buy many other groceries this week, other than a couple of sale items at other stores. I did not need to use all my groceries last week because my husband took me on a surprise date night one night and we ended up eating some leftovers another night. This week, I am planning on:
Chicken Pot Pie (if it cools off)
BBQ Beef Sandwiches
Stacked Ham Sandwiches (with meat above)
Steak and Baked Potato (a splurge at the grocery store is always cheaper than eating out)
Pork Chops
BLT's (Free bacon and garden tomatoes--yum)

Of course, the cook always reserves the right to change the menu.

When I got home, we had a strangle little rain shower. It poured for about five minutes as the sun shone. The ground sucked up the water so fast you couldn't even tell it had rained an hour later.
Glorious Rain!

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