Friday, March 1, 2013

Topeka HyVee Meat Specials Through March 5

I never thought I would see the day where I was happy to see $2.98 a pound hamburger. Hamburger is now for rich people. I finally realized the truth of that the other day when I saw some steak which was marked less a pound than hamburger! 

Anyway, HyVee is selling hamburger at $2.98 a pound, skinless chicken breast for $1.88 pound (works out to about a $1 a breast) and pork chops for $1.99 pound.

I felt these prices were foodsaver worthy. I hate touching meat and repackaging it but it does make it so much simpler when I go to make dinner. I repackage, season and add marinade to some of the meat. 

HyVee also has some nice coupons this week such as 99 cent eggs (limit one). Be sure and go through this week's flyer and take with you when you shop. I also took advantage of the shredded cheese for 1.25 package. 

Lately, I seem to be saving much more money shopping sales than with coupons. 

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  1. Enjoy reading your entries. I grow a lot of my own food on a couple acres. Losing weight? Only thing I've found that's permanent is cutting way back on red meat. Your illustrations of recipes and preparing meals is very good. Thanks for the information. Paul