Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Price Match at Wal-Mart

Price matching at Wal-Mart is very simple. I started price matching about a year ago and wish I had started sooner. For some reason I was hesitant anticipating push back from the checkers. In my year of match matching, not one checker has ever complained or given me any grief at all. 

Yesterday, I price matched these items.  I asked the cashier, "Do you have many people price match?" 

"All the time," he replied. "I love it because then I know what items to go buy and price match for myself. Last week, a local store was advertising pizzas for 58 cents. Me and my buddies bought a bunch." 

Yes, last week Apple Market advertised Red Baron Pizza's for 58 cents. I assumed it had to be a mistake and that Wal-Mart would not honor the price match. I purchased one pizza and they price matched with no complaint. These pizzas typically cost  in the $2.75-$3.25 range. I could have bought several but decided I really didn't need a bunch of high calorie, highly processed pizzas sitting in my freezer tempting me. I bought one for some night I am feeling exceptionally lazy and unmotivated to cook. 

OK, so enough of my blabbing. Start by going through your local grocery ads (don't forget Target, Menards, CVS and Walgreens). I like to go through the grocery ads with a black marker and circle any great deals I find. For example, this week Aldis has avocado's and lemons for 19 cents each, 1 1/2 pounds of vine ripe tomatoes for $1.69 and a 3 pound bag of onions for 99 cents. Apple Market was advertising red peppers for 55 cents each and cantaloupe for 99 cents each. 

I picked out the items and took to the checkout stand. I always separate my price match items from the regular items and tell the cashier I have a few items I would like to price match. I say "please". I keep my advertisements in hand and point to the advertised price. The cashier inputs the new price. SUPER SIMPLE! Often, after the first ad or two, they don't even look at the ad. They have a line and are in a hurry. 

So, things to do:

1)  Ad in Hand
2)  Items Circled for Easy Reference 
3)  Make Sure Advertisement is for Current Week
4)  Items Must Match Exactly and I have found that often Wal-Mart does not carry the advertised item in the same sizes or flavors
5)  Go early on the first day of the Ad to make sure Wal-Mart has it in stock (they won't be stocking up on other stores sale items and may sell out quickly)

So, how much did I save? Here's the breakdown:

6 Avocado's at 19 cents each, total $1.14
Wal-Mart price for 6 Avocado's (94 cents each) $5.64
I saved $4.50

3 lemons at 19 cents each, total 57 cents
Wal-Mart price for 3 Lemons (35 cents each) $1.05
I saved 48 cents

1 Cantaloupe for $1.00
Wal-Mart price is $1.98
I saved 98 cents

2 red peppers for 55 cents each, total $1.10
Wal-Mart price for 2 red peppers ($1.68 each) $3.36
I saved $2.26

24 ounces of tomatoes for $1.69
Wal-Mart price for 24 ounces of tomatoes ($2.49 pound) $3.73
I saved $2.04

3 pound bag of onion (forgot to include in picture) 99 cents
Wal-Mart price for three pound bag, $2.68
I saved $1.69

Total amount saved with price matching on this trip was $11.95.
If I saved this much every week, it would add up to $621.40 a year in savings. 

I have found that often stores will have one or two items on sale that I am interested in purchasing. Instead of running all over town, I can simply price match at Wal-Mart and save gas and time. 

And, while I am a big Aldi fan, quite honestly the 19 cent avocado's were small and hard as a rock. Wal-Mart's were larger and riper. 

One final note, I have heard (but never attempted) that if another store is advertising their store brand item at a certain price, Wal-Mart will match their store brand item (in same size) for the same price. 

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